File Requirements

Create Your Own Design

Heritage Cards -_Design Your Own Card_Specs and Templates for Download – Click Here

File Requirements and Card Specs:
300 dpi
100% output size for card (usually 3” W x” 4” L, card is 2.75” x 3.75”)

Full Bleed Size:
3.875″ x 2.875″
98.425 x 73.025 mm
1162.5 x 862.5 pixels

Card Trim Size:
3.75″ x 2.75″
95.25 x 69.85 mm
1125 x 825 pixels

1. Download the template file for Illustrator, InDesign or Photoshop.

2. Follow the instructions located in the file.

3. Design your card. If you want front and back designs, you must create 2 separate files;
front and back.

4. Be sure to Delete the guide layer!!!
*Heritage Cards, LLC. is not responsible for guide layers that are not turned off/deleted
and then ordered.*

5. Save your file as a .jpg.

6. Go to, sign in, and then go to the image editor.

7. Upload your file to Heritage Cards’ image editor.

8. Select blank front or back template and then your uploaded image.

9. Order your card.

To Scan and Upload an Image:

Any image you plan to use must be:
300 dpi
100% output size for card (usually 3” W x” 4” L, card is 2.75” x 3.75”)

Images & Photos
There are many options you have for adding an image to your card. You can upload photos and images from a digital camera or scanner. Also, you can get an image from the Web, such as Facebook.

Digital Camera Photos
Set your camera at a high enough resolution to result in 300 dpi for the intended print size. Megapixels determine the highest resolution for your camera. You cannot increase the resolution of a photo once it is taken. Cropping your photo will reduce the number of pixels in the final image, so be careful.

Scanning a Photo
Make sure your scanner’s resolution is set to 300 dpi. If your scanned image is smaller than the recommended size (usually 3” W x” 4” L, card is 2.75” x 3.75”) or has less dpi than you need (under 300 dpi), you should rescan your original at a higher resolution (300 dpi or higher).

Web Images
Images on the web typically have a resolution of 72 dpi. This resolution is much too low for quality printing. Also, most images on the web are protected by copyright laws and are therefore prohibited. It is best to upload the photos you would like to use, thereby controlling the dpi and final output size of the image.

To download these instructions, click here